Green light for BelRAI web services

WiebeBelRAI, InterRAI, Pyxicare

June 3, 2015 – The Belgian privacy commission has officially approved access to the BelRAI database via web services. Previously BelRAI was only accessible via website. This new access gate will allow easy integration with other systems such as electronic patient records and Pyxima’s mobile assessment tool Pyxicare.

BelRAI is the Belgian version of the interRAI geriatric assessment instrument, which is internationally acclaimed as its evidence based approach allows to improve quality of care and efficient care organisation.

Belgium is one of the first countries that apply interRAI in a cross-care-setting context: assessments from home care can be exchanged with acute care and long-term care settings such as nursing homes. Roll-out of the web services, which will take place soon, further enables this exchange in a way that is more embedded in the daily care activities and more user friendly.

See the attached privacy commission decisions in Dutch or French.