We aim to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people. Love to make things better, more simple and easy to use. We provide elegant software solutions with a focus on elderly care.

Quality of care

We help care organisations to increase efficiency. Our tools enable health workers to provide professional and high quality care tailored to the patient’s individual needs. Giving you more time to spend with the person. Who doesn’t want that?

Pyxicare is our mobile geriatric assessment platform: the world’s most easy to use software platform for interRAI care assessments! InterRAI helps care teams to assess a patient’s care situation. Evidence based indicators help tailor the care plan to the patient’s care needs.

PREZO Woonzorg is our comprehensive quality management and monitoring system for residential elderly care. It was developed by Zorgnet-ICURO, a leading care umbrella organisation in Flanders.

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While the company is still quite young, our experience dates back to the late 1990’s, where at the Leuven University, we participated in many international projects about information accessibility for blind persons, electronic information exchange and usability improvement. Pyxima’s experience in elderly care dates back to 2004, when our team started developing the BelRAI platform for the Belgian Federal Government. BelRAI is the Belgian version of the interRAI instrument for geriatric assessment of patient care needs.

Pyxima was founded as a KU Leuven university spin-off in 2009. Starting with four technology enthusiasts in 2009, the Pyxima team today has grown substantially which is also reflected our international business growth. On March 31, 2017 we transferred our services for the reading impaired to the company Sensotec, allowing Pyxima to fully focus on the elderly care market.

Today our customers include nursing homes, home care organisations, hospitals, general practitioners and governments.


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